Zakizga is the land of the Imps.[1]


It is located directly south of the Glass Mountains. Zakizga and Daventry lie in different directions, Daventry was approximately north-west of the land.[2]

In Zakizga, imps live in stinking holes in the ground.[3]

This may be one of the southern kingdoms which the people of Daventry fled to following the attacks of the three-headed dragon in Daventry. These are the many kingdoms the continent is divided into, most of them small and only a day or three's journey by foot in extent. These fiefdoms sometimes war or battle with each other for reasons their rulers care about, and shrink or grow depending on their martial fortunes. They seemingly come and go with the seasons, and few are remembered after their passing.

Zakizga is likely be a dangerous place considering the imps that live there, that are known to eat humans and other races.


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