The Writer was a mustachioed man found in the Castlekeep Ruins.


He had been exploring the Castlekeep Ruins near Daventry town when the Cataclysm hit. Connor vowed if was all within his power, to liberate the man from his vile condition. The writer was in the castle courtyard, and may have discovered or was close to discovering the secret magical wall, hiding the chest filled with gold. He at least was very close to the secret niche.

Behind the scenesEdit

One of the most famous writers in Daventry's history was Derek Karlavaegen, and pretty much Daventry's only known writers other than the Royal Family, castle scribes, and Gerwain who contributed to the Chronicles of Daventry, local periodicals, and Daventry's other known literature. He is perhaps the only professional writer other the possible Alexander, to live and work in Daventry. It is unclear if this writer and Derek are one and the same character. But there is always the possibility, and the circumstantial evidence may even support it..

Ali the Book Seller of Ali's Books is a novelist a specific type of writer.

It is only possible to tell that this character is a writer, by attacking it with the debug mode on.

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