The Woodcutter and his wife were starving in the hills of Daventry, in their small Cottage.


Graham met these people during his first quest; Ever since the woods became too dangerous to venture into, he has not been able to earn a decent living.[1] They were hungry and had nothing to eat. Graham gave the Magic Bowl that filled with food magically. They thanked him, and insisted he take their fiddle as a gift. He played a happy song in their presence. The sad couple had little information to help him on his quest, but they did mention a mysterious rock with a small hole in it. The rock was just south of the rear of their cabin. It wasn't much and probably didn't mean anything, they said, but it was the only odd or mysterious thing they knew about in their vicinity.[2]

Graham played a merry tune on the instrument for the leprechauns and their king, and was able to recover the Shield of Achille.

After Graham escaped from the mystery rock, he found himself near the cottage again, he visited the woodcutter and his wife again to see if all was well, and then continued on his journey.[3]

The couple that Graham met strongly resemble the people who abandoned Hansel and Gretel in the forest. They, too were a woodcutter and wife who didn't have enough to eat. Nah, they couldn't be the same people, could they?[4]


Behind the scenesEdit

This character is known as the Woodcutter in KQ1SCI, "WOODCUTTER".

Woodcutter (unofficial)Edit

The woodcutter appears in the fan fiction, including games see, Woodcutter (unofficial).


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