Wolves are wild canine breed.


Edward once came upon a pack of wolves tearing at the lower limbs of a big tree. When his group approached, the wolves scattered to reveal a beautiful young woman perched in the tree. The woman claimed to be Princess Dahlia, of Cumberland, and that the pack of wolves fell upon her group, and that they ran leaving her alone. She later turned out to be an evil witch.

The wolves of the Great Mountains are the pets and servants of the Ice Queen Icebella. They love and revere her and will do whatever she wants. Those she does not like, she may sic her dogs on them.[1]

List of WolvesEdit

The brown and grey wolves of Daventry.

The Wolf in Kolyma.

A very large stuffed wolf or stuffed dog's head is mounted on the living room wall of the Ogre's House in Tamir.

Grey wolves of Serenia

Dire wolves of Serenia

Werewolves (KQ7, KQC)

Wedzel wolves (KQC1)

Woods Wolf (KQC3)


Behind the scenesEdit

A head with a similar appearance to the brown wolf in KQ1SCI and KQ1SMS can be seen in in KQ4 in the ogre's house. There doesn't appear to be any description for it.

Wolves (unofficial)Edit

See, Wolf (unofficial)


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