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Wizard and the Princess
Developer(s) On-Line Systems
Publisher(s) StarCraft
Platform(s) FM-7, PC-98, PC-88
Release(s) May, 1983: PC-98, PC-88

Jun, 1983: FM-7

Genre(s) Adventure
Mode(s) Single-player

Wizard and the Princess (ウィザード&プリンセス) is a Japanese port of the original adventure game by Roberta and Ken Williams in 1983. The game was licence by On-Line Systems to StarCraft (スタークラフト), who then published it on the PC-98, PC-88, and FM-7 in 1983.


It is unique to the other versions as it has completely redrawn and original art for each the screens, in a higher resolution. The text is was updated into Japanese, but it is unclear if it was modified, changed or improved. Although according to some reviews it may be suggested the peasant woman (village aunt?) was turned into a 'village daughter' (of 'mountain farmers'), the giant has been changed (this may be regards its size and scale next to the tree, in which the giant in the original game would appear to be much larger), and 'magus Harlin' is apparently a 'witch'.

Behind the scenes[]

It's a bit unclear, but there may have been a more direct port of the Apple II version to Japan by StarCraft before the release of the version with updated graphics. There may have also been a all machine language version as well, which made the game run faster.[1]


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