Tower located in the Witch's Cove in the Swamp and made up of three spires. The Swamp Witch was releasing poisons into the swamp from the castle. Connor had to defeat the Swamp Witch who had been guarding the outside of her tower. The outside of the castle had remains of witch's victims floating in the water, and gryph heads poured out the foul poison that was concocted in the tower. Then he had to lower the gate to get into the tower by using his bow to cut the ropes attached sandbags connected to the pulley mechanism holding the gate closed. He made a bull's eye, and and the gate raised. To the left of the entrance was the witch's dungeon and bones of her victims that had no chance against the witch's wiles hung from its walls. Connor found a rock by one of the hanging skeletons. To the right of the entrance was a stone table where witch had been preparing goblin tartar for dinner. In the goblin's chest was the Unicorn Horn. Behind the table was a metal pedestal with a book of recipes. Nearby was the witch's cauldron filled with a foul brew with human and other remains floating in it. When Connor examined the cauldron he received a vision of his opponent, sending out Henchmen to search for him. The cauldron turned out to be source of the witch's poisonous waters. Around the corner was a staircase to the second floor with dart traps set up to guard against trespassers.

The second floor had several barrels, and an exit lead to walkway that went around the main tower. Connor found some healing crystals, and a bottle around the overhang. A crushing trap blocked passage to the third floor. Connp was able to spring the trap by throwing a rock onto it.

Connor found a Chain Mail Suit on the third floor in one of the side spires. On the other side spire across a bridge was a chest with a piece of the Mask of Eternity.

After Connor used the Golden Ladle on the cauldron to restore the purity of the Swamp's water, King Mudge appeared outside of the Tower and opened a portal to the Underground Realm of the Gnomes for him.

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