Wisdom is one of many positive virtues in the world of King's Quest.

It is also one of the three great virtues which Graham (KQGS) modeled his life on in the Reboot Canon.


Reboot AlignmentsEdit

Wisdom is connected to 'cleverness', 'quick-wittedness' and 'intelligence', though someone who is 'intelligent' is not necesarily 'wise'.

The Hobblepots are the representives for the Wisdom path, but later this is taken on by Acorn.

Behind the scenes Edit

It is one of the scoring systems in the episodic King's Quest game, along with bravery, and compassion. It has influences on Graham's life, and his stories from these choices will influence Gwendolyn's own decisions in her own dilemmas. In each major choice that occurs during the stories told in the game, Graham will have three solutions to solve it, and each embodies one of the three virtues.

Wisdom is a decription made about Graham largely in the manuals for KQ1 and KQ2, although there are a couple of lines within the games that could hint at his wisdom as well (though many are warnings gainst unwise actions).[1] The most specific reference to Graha om being wise and his wisdom comes from the KQ5 prologue stories in the manual, and About King's Quest I-V in KQ6. In KQ5 Graham is often said to wisely keep his mouth shut.

Edward is often described as being a very 'wise' king in the original series, although foolish in the reboot canon.


  1. KQ2: Under his wise rule, Daventry is prosperous.
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