Willow trees are a type of tree found throughout the worlds of Daventry and the Realm of Eldritch.


The willow tree, with its drooping branches, has traditionally symbolized grief, melancholy, and suffering. It was once customary for a woman who had been jilted by a lover, or who had lost one, to wear a garland of willow leaves or flowers. The Jews in captivity in Babylon hung harps on the branches of willow trees in sorrow over their exile. The willow can also represent death. Orpheus carried a willow branch with him into the underworld, the land of the dead, and Circe hung corpses in a willow grove.

However, the willow trees of European tradition are not the same as the weeping willow. The weeping willow tree actually comes from China. Those trees though have the same sort of sorrowful significance there, and in Japan, as do willows of western culture.[1]



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