Whisper (full name Walter Harris Ignatius Sally Percival Eduardo Ramon Jr. the Third of Modesto, and also known simply as Walter) is a knight hopeful hailing from Modesto.

Whisper is acronym of his full name.


Early Life


Whisper is originally from Modesto where he lived with his mother, and his twelve older brothers, including a brother named Whiffer[2]. He's apparently third generation to share his name (the "Third" implies 3rd generation, and Jr. suggests that his Dad is still alive, and his Sr.[3]). He comes from a large family and as the youngest of twelve brothers, he started talking in the third person to get attention.</nowiki>

Whisper had a fairly normal childhood. He used to trim hedges back home to earn cookies. He loved cookies so much, he had to wear a small bell when he was little.

Life in Modesto

He later became popular in his town (or so he claims). He used to charge three coins for his appearances back in Modesto and would sign many autographs.

A Knight to Remember

Arrival in Daventry

Whisper arrived to Daventry to participate in the Knight Tournament as a knight hopeful competing against Acorn, Manny, Achaka and Graham.

Eye of a Hideous Beast

For the eye task of the Knight Tournament, Whisper presents the two eyes of the Snarling Snarlax that he slayed in the Spooky Forest.

Befriending Graham

When Whisper lost the Duel of Speed to Graham, Whisper felt defeated and went to the outskirts of town to cry. Whisper, between sobs, tells Graham that his mother was disappointed in him and that he was a fool, despite how hard he tries. Only Graham showed him some kindness and told him he cared by asking Whisper for an autograph.

Once Upon A Climb

Rescuing Princess Graham

Whisper arrives to Hagatha's Tower to rescue Graham. Graham explains to Whisper his problem regarding the princesses and Whisper proceeds to help Graham by giving him not so helpful advice as well as an oddly written love letter. He then gave Graham a clock piece from a "special rabbit" (revealed to be Amaya Blackstone). Whisper then escapes the tower, able to break the spell because "Whisper truly loves Whisper".

Snow Place Like Home

Whisper is seen helping Amaya with the Crumbler II when Graham and Alexander visit them at the shop.

The Good Knight


A skeletal Whisper now long dead is seen guarding and dancing before the gates of the Realm of the Dead (KQGS).

Personality and Traits


Whisper is very conceited, and is known for making up many tall tales. He is always seeking adventure, as well as attention. While Graham once saw him as "The jerk that pushed me into the river", He saw himself as "Every women's dream". Only a few of his stories are likely actually true. Despite his tendency to exaggerate and self-aggrandize, he did prove capable of slaying a vicious Snarling Snarlax in order to take its eyes for the Knight trial.

Swiftness and Bravery

Whisper is the swift parallel to Acorn's strength and Manny's wits. Known for his speed and his constant running, Whisper figuratively runs away from many of his fears. He tries very hard to keep up his self-proclaimed popular, brave image, but in reality, has many fears and has learned to repress it. Though he was more of a 'coward' at heart, he later becomes more 'brave' during his relationship with Amaya.

Physical Traits

Whisper is always seen in his suit of armor with his iconic "shiny biscuits", his mane of excellence, and his red-orange cape. By the time of Alexander's return, Whisper has maintained his physique and armor, although he appears without his cape.

He is also very much into keeping shape, making references to having a leg day and an arm day. His diet also caters to his fitness claiming he only eats organic, and he does vegan on Wednesdays. Whisper avoids gluten and carbs and is an avid fan of protein shakes.


Amaya Blackstone

Although most of his traits err on the heavy side of machismo, Whisper appears to care deeply for Amaya, eventually beginning a relationship with her. They both made an effort to keep their relationship a secret, but Graham had already known about them by the time he had ventured to rescue Valanice. He is later more open about their relationship. Whisper is quick to criticize Amaya's unwillingness to spend quality time with him, while Amaya demands he not be needy.

This relationship appears to have not worked out as he is strangely absent from Amaya's side in the afterlife, and Graham and Gwen's conversation about Tree Dorman (suggests she was someone who didn't 'need a partner')


Graham and Whisper are introduced to each other as competitors both participating in the Knight Tournament. Because of this initial introduction and factoring Whisper's personality, Whisper looked down on Graham. In the duel of speed, however, Graham manages to defeat Whisper, ultimately damaging his ego. Whisper considers Graham a fan and a friend when Graham consoles him after the race.


  • Whisper
  • Walter
  • Walter Harris Ignatius Sally Percival Eduardo Ramon Jr. the Third of Modesto
  • Sir Ten of Himself/Sir Ten of Himself IV
  • Loser
  • Gaston
  • Hero
  • Twinkle-Toes
  • Jerk

Behind the scenes

Outside the Game

Whisper is voiced by actor Richard White, best known for voicing the character of Gaston in Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Many of Whisper's traits and features are possibly inspired by the role.

While it's less clear, some of his characterization and backstory maybe inspired by Inigo Montoya and Tyrone Rugen, the Six Fingered Man from the Princess Bride. Who was a Spanish fencer, a fencing 'wizard'. The latter was also known to run away from 'danger' rather than towards it.

Cut Material

Whisper is mentioned in one line in the introductory section of King's Quest Chapter 2, but it’s unfortunately out of context, and doesn't make much sense. Whisper was to have had a much larger part in the chapter, but it had been cut from the final release. These scenes would have explained more about Whisper's background (such that one of his brothers is named Whiffer), as well as aiding/being rescued by Graham and his first encounter with Amaya in the goblin caves.

For more of the cut plot line, see KQC2 development.

Whisper refers to himself as simply Walter when he met Amaya for the first time in the cut 'act'.

During a sequence in Chapter 5, Graham mentions that he left out a second act to the story in Chapter 2. That act would have included Acorn or Whisper's scenes. This is somewhat forth wall nod to the fact that the developers had left out second act of the game.[4]


His families surname appears to be Ramon.


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