Early Concept Art of Whisper sporting a red costume, rather than Whisper's in-game orange/yellow (Whisper and Whisper are said to look much the same)

Whiffer is one of Whisper's older brothers.


Whiffer is one of Whisper's twelve brothers, who grew up with their mom in Modesto.

People often confuse him with his brother a lot. He appears to be as popular or more popular than Whisper. Both making appearances at Adventure Con, and signing autographs. Despite the mix ups that occur Whisper will still sign autographs to Whiffer's fans.

In Graham's escape from Goblin Prison, there was another act he forgot to tell Gwendolyn about[1]. In this part of the story, he found Whisper surrounded by 'rock Goblins' (Stone Goblin), which he believed were his fans. He believed one was confusing him for his brother Whiffer, and wanted his brother's autograph.[2] He decided to give him his autograph anyways.

Behind the scenesEdit

This character only appears in unused elements of the KQC2 transcript. But is listed here as it offers more background to the characters and world of the Reboot Canon.

Alternatively he may have run into Mordon, or Acorn instead during the other missing act, depending on the aligned virtues and choices.


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