Westering Mountains?

The Westering Mountains is a mountain range to the north of Daventry.


The Westering Mountains is one of the native homes of sloks. It is located somewhere near the Spasky Hills and the Vale of Willows about three weeks to the north of the Kingdom of Daventry.[1]

The mountains are likely part of the Great Mountains that border to the north of the Kingdom of Daventry. Based on their name, they must aligned in a westerly direction. This may be the location of the outcrops of pink granite six hundred miles to the north of Daventry.

Alexander passed through a section of the great mountains that lay from west to east to reach the valley where Daventry was located, this was part of the Snowy Mountains which may be part of, or lie, near the Westering Mountains. The Westering Mountains may in fact lie just beyond the Snowy Mountains.

Behind the scenesEdit

The scale of the continent between the novels and games are different.

In the games and companion it only takes a few days to cross the continent. It takes less than a day to cross the Great Mountains into Daventry from the coast. The continent lies about a day from Llewdor. It is said that most lands on the continent exist within a day or two from each other. Alexander took about 2-3 days to travel in Llewdor across the mountains into Daventry.

In the novels the pink granite outcrops and Westering mountains lie three weeks/600 miles to the north of Daventry. This would seemingly place them well beyond the mountains seen in KQ3.


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