West Daventry is designation for half of the Kingdom of Daventry.


When Daventry is divided into quadrants it is made up of Southwest Daventry and Northwest Daventry. It covers the areas from the lake and waterfall in the northwest to the Ancient Well in the southeast, to the Fairy Godmother and Goat Pen towards the southwest. The clover field, Stone Bridge, and Island of the Gnome lies on the western edge. The Flower Patch is one of the landmarks in the middle. To the eastern edge lies East Daventry.

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These designations are somewhat arbritary considering the role of the wrap around in geographic lore.

Many of the other hintbooks and guides (KQ1 Hintbook, and King's Quest Companion 1st and 2nd Editions) also divide Daventry into two parts (assuming a west and east halves) but not always along the same sets of screens.

1st and 2nd Editions of the King's Quest Companion divide Daventry onto two pages in the same way as the 3rd Edition of The Official Book of King's Quest. The divide goes between the Lake East/Lake West screens (or simply "Lake/Lake" screens on some maps).

The KQ1 Hintbook divides between Lake East and Large Rock in Forest (though this is a split between two pages, and not necessarily intended to mean anything, as both pages share the same title section; "The Kingdom of Daventry").

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