Weepers is a ghostly creature of the Dimension of Death.


They are strange and unusual creatures. They are the souls of the yet-to-be-judged in the Dimension of Death. Because of the great cataclysm, and the chaos that was released by it, the waiting to be judged became mindless wanderers looking for the energy of life. They tried to feed on Connor's life force as he battled his way through the Dimension of Death. When a weeper is destroyed, it becomes a wandering spirit.[1]

Many are held in the Jail section of the Dimension of Death.

Behind the scenesEdit

Known as the 'Weeper' in KQ8 Hintbook. One of them is specifically called a 'Grim Weeper' (in the KQ8 strategy guide) but this is a bit of tongue and cheek.


  1. KQ8 Manual: "The weeper is a strange and unusual creature. It is the soul of the yet-to-be-judged. Now that chaos has been released in the Dimension of Death, those waiting to be judged have become mindless wanderers looking for the energy of life. If Connor nears one, it will begin to feed on his own life force.", pg
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