Weaver of dreams
The Weaver of Dreams is the nephew of the three Fates, and brother of Titania and Malicia.


He is one of the fairies of Etheria. He was able to weave dreams, and open up portals into Dreamland. He would place Nightmares around him as guardians.

Personality and traitsEdit

He has eyes that flash all the colors of the rainbow. He speaks in monotone, as if lacking energy and interest entirely.

Titles and nicknamesEdit

  • Weaver of Dreams
  • Dream Weaver'[1][2]
  • Weaver

Behind the scenesEdit

It's suggested that the Dream Weaver is the brother of Titania, when Valanice mentions that Titania is missing, and Mab has been cursed, he is shocked that his sister has gone "missing" and tells Valanice to seek Mab on the Isle of Dreams to find Titania's location.[3]

In the novel version Valanice mentions specifically that Mab has been turned into ice, and he acknowledges she has been 'accursed' and needs to be rescued, but gives no indication of any relation to either characters.


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