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The Wall of the Stone Archer is one of the three enchanted traps of the Isle of the Beast to both imprison the Beast on the island, and to serve as a warning for anyone who may attempt to breach the island's defenses. The wall borders a very old garden, neglected and overgrown. Intruders do not get far.


The magic barrier was created by the evil sorceress hag that cursed Prince Cocteau the Thrice Blessed, turning him into the Beast. It consists of a gray brick wall runs to the east and west of the path leading north from the beach to the center of the island. The path through the woods passes through a gated wall. Two marble stone statues once stood guard on the gate's lintels. The statue to the left of the gate shows a man kneeling down with a spear as though waiting for a target. The Stone Archer on the right sat atop the lintel of gate as a silent guardian. His stone bow was tightly drawn and fitted with a single stone arrow. It would shoot whoever tried to pass through the gate or attempted to climb over the wall.

To the north, the path continued on through a hedge of roses and a dainty gazebo.

Alexander prepared his wooden shield to pass by the stone archer, the magic arrow shattered the shield. Afterwords the archer's bow was empty--his lone arrow was spent. The barrier was disenchanted.

Behind the scenes[]

Alexander can attempt to talk to the archer both before and after it fires the arrow. It refuses to respond to Alexander.