The Vulcanix Underground (aka the kingdom of Vulcanix or the Underground) is the Troll Underground, it is a large underground realm (hence it's name). It is a part of the land of Eldritch and is populated by trolls, who are (unusual for other trolls), kind and peaceful, if somewhat crude. The Vulcanix Underground is currently ruled by King Otar Fenris III. The Vulcanix Underground was recently nearly brought to war with it's neighbor Ooga Booga whose leader, Count Vladimir Tsepish, had recently been murdered. Luckily, the two cities had been unified once more when Rosella had discovered Malicia's evil plot.


The Vulcanix Underground is nothing but but one big volcano. The trolls were the keepers of the volcano for a hundred generations. If it was ignited, the entire of Realm of Eldritch would blow up.[1]


  • The Troll Underground is sometimes known in the game as Vulcanix Underground.[2]
  • The Troll Underground is also known as the Underworld. King Otar is the Overlord of the Underworld.[3]
  • The land is also known as the kingdom of Vulcanix.[4]
  • Vulcanix Underground is a large kingdom, that stretches underneath most lands of the Realm of Eldritch. Entrances to the land can be found in Ooga Booga to the west and Falderal to the north.
  • Vulcanix appears to be the name of the great volcano, and the Underground or Underworld is that which lies underneath.


Great HallEdit

The hub of the troll's kingdom.

Bed ChamberEdit

Mud BathEdit


The door on the eastern wall of the kitchen lead into a pantry.


Mine Shaft (Pit of Winds)Edit

The location of the Pit of Winds.

Vulcanix Underground Tunnels[5]Edit

Vulcano Control Room (Mechanical Room)Edit

Underground River[6]Edit

Troll BridgeEdit

Leads to the dragon's lair, elevator to Ooga Booga.

Dragon's Lair (Dragons Lair)Edit

Behind the scenesEdit

While its not exactly clear, the reference to kingdom of Vulcanix, and Vulcanix Underground seem to imply that the kingdom may consist of both the Underground (Underworld), and and the overworld, the volcano itself. Ooga Booga is also a world above the kingdom.[7]

In KQ8 manual the kingdom is called the 'Volcanix Underground'.

The mountain range north of the desert and south of the forest, may be part of the volcano.


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