Count Vladimir Tsepish is ruler of Ooga Booga.[1]


He lived together with his wife Countess Elspeth, and was the master of Black Valiant. Malicia's Gargoyle had beheaded him but Valanice found and returned his head to him. He also owns a black horse named Necromancer which he lends to Valanice.

Gravestone Edit


Count Vladimir Tsepish,
Fearless Warrior,
Devoted Husband,
And Lord Protector of Ooga Booga land, High Paladin of the Land.[2]


  • Lord
  • Count
  • Fearless Warrior
  • Devoted Husband
  • Lord of Ooga Booga
  • Lord Protector of Ooga Booga
  • High Paladin of the Land
  • Headless Horseman
  • The Horseman

Behind the scenes Edit

This character was named after Vlad Tepes the Impaler, famous Romanian leader remembered for brutally impaling his enemies and prisoners. Tsepish comes from Tepes that means "the impaler". This is the same person that inspired the character Count Dracula in Bram Stoker's stories.

Note that in King's Quest Tsepish and Dracula are two separate persons. On the other hand Tsepish is more related to the Headless Horseman.

KQC and KQ7 Authorized Guide added an extra line to the description on his crypt.

A line in KQ7 suggests that Ooga Booga is a kingdom which may also suggest that Vladimir Tsepish is a king, and not only a count. Though this is not specifically confirmed. Perhaps he is the king of Ooga Booga but a count of the Etherian government. Or perhaps there is a king residing somewhere else within the land.

As Ooga Boog is apparently the Land of the Dead for the people of Eldritch it is possible that Vladimir Tsepish is the equivalent to Death or the Lord of the Dead in Realm of Eldritch.

His surname is pronounced either Tepish, Tsepish, or Sepish.


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