Villagers are minor characters in KQ6 (but they are sometimes mentioned in other games or manuals as well).


The villagers bustle about their chores. They always seem busy, if somewhat subdued, lot.


  • A woman, in white, who seems preoccupied with her chores and doesn't notice Alexander. She is drying a pair a red pants in the sun. She comes out occasionally to look around. She comes out of the far right window just above the door into Ali's Books.
  • A man, wearing blue shirt and white turban, who seems busy with his chores and isn't interested in Alexander. He comes out of the far left window above Ali's Books.
  • Another man, wearing green shirt and white turban, who is busy with his chores and interested in Alexander. He pops out of the window facing the Pawn Shoppe to pour out a jar of water.
  • The Wanderer spoke to a villager in the village of Serenia, asking him about the location of the Great Mountains. The wanderer could not see no mountains from the village, as far as he could see, was just a vast desert that never seemed to end. He asked the villager where the great mountains were located, and the villager pointed to the north and told him, "there are a great many dangers on the way to the great mountains, and the Wizard Harlin is very powerful and bad."
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