Vampires (aka vampyres) are creatures of the night that feed off the blood of the living.


Like bats, vampires avoid sunlight and sleep during the day. The vampire preys on humans, drinking blood mostly, but sometimes devouring flesh when in the form of a wolf. The vampire's constitution is such that silver is a most deadly poison to it, as is garlic, but it is also so robust and regenerative that a vampire's lifespan is measured in hundreds, if not thousands, of years, if not immortal. They can be killed by stake through the heart (like most races in the same situation), and can be repelled by crosses (at least silver ones). The vampire Dracula may have fled from the sight of Graham's silver cross for the very reason that it was silver and its touch could kill him.[1]

Derek believes vampires may be descended from the lizardfolk and not supernatural at all, having powers similar to the bat and chameleon (other species that may have descended from the lizardfolk).

Count Dracula's vampire underlings are known to terrorize the land of Kolyma.

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Vampires (unofficial).


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