The Unseen Voice is an invisible God-like being that speaks to Connor.


He is mysterious and wise, and maybe even God himself. The Voice speaks to him in giving him the precepts of Truth, Light, and Order, and carving them into the Tablet of Knowledge for Conner. The Unseen Voice also speaks to him through the engraving of the Mask of Eternity above the Door of Truth, Door of Light, and Door of Order, asking for the precepts in order for Connor to pass through the doors.


  • Unseen Voice
  • The Voice

Behind the scenesEdit

The Voice (as its also known in the game credits) is listed as the Voice during the door conversations in the debug mode.

The Unseen Voice acts in a similar role to that of the Greek sphinx.

The script describes this character as God-like, wise and mysterious thus implying to may be like a voice of God or the Holy Spirit testing Connor. In Roberta's concept notes it actually is the voice of God, such as when God spoke to Moses at Mount Sanai while carving the ten commandments. This makes the Tablet of Knowledge inspired by the Ten Commandments.

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