The United States is a nation in North America on Earth.


The United States is a nation in North America, often called America. Because of this, the people of the United States are often referred to as Americans. California is a land in America on the western coast. Which would at some point become the location of Half Dome. California is one of the states. Other states include Kansas.

The symbol of the U.S. is the bald eagle.[1] Benjamin Franklin was a famous individual living in America. He thought the Turkey would make a better symbol for his nation, than the bald eagle.

In the remote land, there are cattle that live in plains. Two men on horseback herd the animals using casting ropes (lasso). They chase the beasts as they run across the plain. With the lasso they are able to catch them and tie them up forcing them to lay on the ground. They swing the rope in the air, throw it, and tie them up on the ground.[2] A picture in Cyclopedia on the topic of herding, showed two men chasing two beasts, while a third was lying on the ground.[3] The men wear dusty trousers and wide-brimmed hats.[4]

Rosella once wore clothes resembling these American cowboys. She based the outfit off of pictures from a book of men from a far away land lassoing cattle. The outfit made her appear as a "12" year old boy. It consisted of a pair of dusty trousers from one of the castle's wrights, a faded shirt borrowed from one of the stewards, and a wide-brimmed hat borrowed from one of the castle gardeners.[5] Though she doesn't mention the name of the land.

The United States are also the home of country songs, popular among the cattle herders. It is said: Like a lyric from a country song, the Witch of the Dark Forest home is now in a bottle and she's waiting for someone to set her free.[6]

Behind the scenesEdit

America is the name of two continents on Earth (North America is one of them). Though usually refers to the the nation of United States when not specified as either 'north' or 'south'.


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