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Map of the Underground Realm of the Gnomes

The Underground Realm of the Gnomes is north of the Swamp and lies in the tunnels under the mountains.


The land of the gnomes were mostly miners and traders. During the cataclysm not even the deep underground realm of the gnomes was safe from the evil curse! An earthquake had blocked the entrance to the maze-like caverns that the gnomes called home they were sealed in their underground world. Then, in the dark, twisty tunnels, danger lurks around every corner in the forms of rock demons and their kin.

Connor used his strong sense of direction to navigate his way to the gnomes, merchants of valuable weapons and armor. Who offered their wares for a price, of course. Connor met several gnomes working to establish an exit topside. It is said that millenia ago there was a large civilization that lived in the underground world, but no one had ever found proof of this, until Connor. The land of the gnomes also goes by the name Realm of Gnomes, the Realm of the Gnomes, and Gnome Realm[1][2]

It is likely that the mountains mentioned are part of the Great Mountains that separate the continent of Serenia into 3 main areas, but are also the range that make the base of the Frozen Reaches.


Behind the scenesEdit

Mark Seibert's websiteEdit

Mark Seibert listed the location names as[3];

   1 Whirlpool to Swamp
   2 Teleporter (Only way to the Barrens)
   3 Weapons seller
   4 Armor seller
   5 Healer Gnome
   6 Rolling boulders
   7 Sage Gnome
   8 Ancient guy and Crystal
   9 Amberglow
   10 Lock to break and take
   11 Tree root
   12 Boulder
   13 Bricked up wall
   14 Dragon and Black Heart
   15 Pedestal with loadstone


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