Truth is a powerful force in alignment on the side of Good, and is associated with the Light and Order. It is also associated with Justice.


Where there is openness and truth, there is justice and equality. Where there is justice there is order.

Truth is one of the three tenants of the Mask of Eternity. The precept of truth is that it is mighty and shall prevail. Once Truth all is obtained all the the forces are brought into a Perfect Balance.

Truth did not come into the world naked, in came in images. One must enter into the image into Truth.

The Scales of Justice reveal the way to truth and justice. The Feather of Truth can balance Truth and Justice.

The Mirror of Truth was a powerful artifact. The word Truth was carved around its frame border over and over, in dozens of languages and alphabets.[1] Likewise the property of Merlin's Mirror was it always told the truth, whether past, present or future.

The Sword of Truth is the only weapon that could defeat Lucreto.


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