The troll-folk are the troll inhabitants of the Vulcanix Underground.


While not being the brightest and most civilized race, are kind and fair, if somewhat crude.[citation needed]} They have been described as troll-folk, and their young as trollkin.

Many of the trolls are large, and furry. That tribe enjoy eating beetles (much unlike their human eating cousins) and moose, and taking mud baths. These are ruled by King Otar Fenris III.

For a while Rosella herself and Edgar was converted into trolls.

The troll-folk have large amounts of hair on their backs, forearms, shoulders, and feet. Some even have hairy chests. Some have big bushy beards, eyebrows, and hair out of the top of their heads. Some have horns (though due to differences in animation, the horns do not always appear), growing at random points of faces (some with two on the top of their heads, or two come out of the side of their cheeks, or even a single one growing out of the forehead). It is unclear if they are born or hatched. Some also appear to be immune to fire and lava. The troll-folk are at least known to be a mortal race.

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