Tree Dorman was said to be Amaya's partner and another blacksmith.


Gwendolyn comments that Amaya didn't need a partner, she was a strong woman by herself. She believed Tree Dorman was underdeveloped.

Behind the scenesEdit

If 'partner' is the business sense and not relationship sense its possible that Tree Dorman was Amaya Blackstone's brother mentioned in the KQC5 transcript.

It is not known if Tree Dorman was a false memory thought up by the elderly King Graham, erroniously recalling him as Amaya's partner and another blacksmith, or simply a 'non-important' part of Graham's history, that was left out of his previous stories (since he didn't add anything to the stories), or simply didn't take part in the stories he had told.

Or perhaps he was an unused from another role such as cameo for an older Connor (KQGS).

See Stories (KQGS).

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