Tamir is apparently the name of a town in the Land of Tamir. Perhaps the capital of the land. It is a town far away from Daventry. Rosella may have travelled there and visited a section of the town when she went to Tamir to save Genesta.[1][2]

There are also said to be roadside inns all the way to the sea of Tamir, which could be in reference to the unknown town.

Behind the scenesEdit

Enigmatic references to the Town of Tamir are made in some of the promotional materials in the Sierra catalogs, see Catalogue summaries, and inside other games such as Police Quest 2, and in the low budget KIXX releases. Other than it claiming she visited the town, no specific town appears in the game. Of course it could be a reference that inspired the town of Tanalore which is supposed to be near Tamir, though Rosella didn't specifically visit it during her adventures (though she did enter a number of ruins).

Or perhaps it counts the one lone Fisherman as the 'local town' it does have a pier for landing a boat after all. Perhaps its enough to have a local 'postal code' so to speak. Or all the local citizens homes including Ogre House, and 7 Dwarves house make up the 'town'.


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