The Top of the Cliffs is the high plateau at the top of the unclimbable eastern mountains of Kolyma, on the Forest Mountain. But it is also the name of other landmarks as well.


An enchanter had turned Pegasus into a snake because he had refused to be his mount, and left him up on the mountain to act as a guardian of a moist, dirty, and empty cavern to the east of the plateau, where one of the magic keys was hidden. There are a few pine and fir trees on the mountain's top. A hole in a rock looks into other worlds and the future.


The Top of the Cliffs can also refer to the top of the initial plateau on the Isle of the Sacred Mountain where the Genie as The Woman was found and where the Night Mare feeds.

This place was later deemed a great place for a restaurant, for people to stop after their flights.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The hole only appears in the 1987 versions of the game and the Apple II version. There is no hole in rock in the 1985 versions of the game.

This area is sometimes also referred to as the Land of the Clouds or simply 'the Clouds'.


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