The Tomb of Sir James is a crypt next to the Castlekeep Ruins near Daventry town.

Background Edit

Sir James' remains were kept inside the old crypt. The spirit of the Knight Sir James, haunted the tomb. When Connor discovered the tomb, a spriggan archer was guarding the tomb. Connor killed it and the spirit of Sir James came out to tell him to seek the Dimension of Death. The door to the tomb was bolted shut, so Connor used his axe to bash it open. He then went inside and pushed the lid off the sarcophagus that belonged to the spirit, allowing him to take the Hero's Ring needed for the spell of Magical Illumination.

Behind the scenes Edit

This location is listed as the Tomb Of The Dead in the game files. It's also described as the 'Hero's tomb' in some files.

Mark Seibert called it "Tomb of Dead Hero" on his website.[1]


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