A time warp is a form of time travel or paradox allowing individuals to travel into the past, or into the future from another point in time.


Traveling backwards in time has been said to be both a logical and physical absurdity...or so it is in conventional scientific wisdom humans have learned. It is said in the present time, that if one is in space near what is called a 'naked singularity', travel into the past is indeed possible. What was once believed to be fantasy, too is possible in this universe.[1]

The magic people of Earth may have traveled back into time into Earth's past to form the World of Daventry, in what is known as the process of withdrawal. They began to call the world they came from the Other World.

The wanderer was a time-traveling barbarian, who was sent back into the past by the regenerated Harlin to challenge the evil wizard. He became the legendary wanderer in the process...

Serious questions are raised as to the identity of the gnome Graham met in Serenia, since he or Alexander had encountered Rumplestiltskin on at least two prior occasions--years earlier in Daventry. It is possible that some form of time warp must be considered in this matter because anything seems possible in that magical land. In that case, Graham's second meeting with the gnome could very well have been the gnome's first meeting with Graham. This is a paradox of a high order.[2]

Quilli'ehennan is capable of controlling time, or rather preventing others from losing track of time. He claims to be able to stop the flow of time such that not even a minute would have passed since people talked to him, and when they leave his presence, and the woods. Some years later both Rosella and Farquhar experienced only a few hours while passing through the Old Woods, while those outside had experienced two weeks. Similar form of time dilation occurs between Daventry and the Realm of Eldritch.

Time may also be able to change the world, causing today's fact to become tomorrow's anachronism. Each choice may form pocket universes and parallel dimensions.

A concept potentially related to this is the ability of some great dreamers to manipulate past, present and future of a reality through their dreams.

Behind the scenesEdit

There are nods and references within Sierra-related material to suggest that Roger Wilco may have travelled back in time during several occasions and interacted with Daventry.

The ability for present and future to influence the past in some way ties into the concept of retrocausality in quantum physics.[3][4][5][6]


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