The Three Bears are family of bears living in a house in Llewdor, Mama Bear, Papa Bear and Baby Bear. They were different in everything from size to tastes. Alexander paid a visit to their home while they were out, but when he fell asleep, Dad found him and threw him outside.


Mama Bear, Papa Bear, and Baby Bear lived in a tidy cottage in southern Llewdor. Alexander-Gwydion stole porridge from their table in order to feed the cat cookie to Manannan. He also stole a silver thimble from their bedroom to collect dew from the flowers in their garden. The prince later gave Derek Karlavaegen, who lives not far from the bears, gold to give to the Bear family as payment for Alexander's deeds. Upon hearing the story of the prince's trials and adventures, they forgave him and gladly took the offered gold.[1]

In one tale, told of the Three Bears, there is mention of one Goldilocks who also broke into their house, when they discovered her felony they were not so forgiving.

They are known for their reluctant hospitality and being three less than charming bears (who have learned to distrust visitors).[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

The story of Alexander who entered the Bears' house and tried porridge, chairs and bed till he found the one suiting him, is taken from the famous fairy tale with Goldilocks.


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