The information from this article is from multiple fan games or fan fictions and is therefore not canon.

The three-headed dragon has appeared or has been mentioned in fan fiction, including games.

Fan GamesEdit

AGDI universeEdit

KQ2 (AGDI) suggests that the dragon was unleashed by The Father of the Black Cloak Society, as part of his curse on the kingdom. The Father's goal was twofold; obtaining the Crown of Daventry, and seeing Graham broken. However, the crown of Daventry appeared only to be the means to a greater end, but the true aim was not made explicitly clear. The dragon also could also be a result of the curse, but not something specifically summoned by Morgeilen; just one of many random "dire jeopardies" that were to befall the kingdom and bring misery to his family, before the coming of the second curse (Graham's heart attack).

Alternately, the dragon may have been an unrelated event, in which The Father saw an opportunity to ask the crown from Graham.

It is also implied that the dragon began rampaging in Daventry almost as soon as Alexander had been kidnapped. Thus implying that at least seventeen maidens (including Rosella) had been offered to the dragon over the years. This is technically closer to some interpretations of the original KQ3 lore (and related lore), than the lore created in the novels (some of the official released material).[1]

Biologically, the dragon differs from the version seen in KQ3, in that it has wings.

IA universeEdit

The dragon serves the same purpose here as in the original game. Alexander still makes his way to Cloudland, hides under the invisibility ointment, and unleashes the storm brew, killing it.

The history behind the sacrifices sent to the dragon is somewhat extended, but sticks mostly to the original intent of KQ3 (which suggests that the dragon reached Daventry not long after Alexander was kidnapped).

POS universeEdit

The three headed dragon appears in a dream at the end of the 4th episode.


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