The Wolf was the big, bad wolf found in Kolyma.


The large wolf, with the biggest jaws she had ever seen, jumped Red Riding Hood, and ran away with her basket of goodies. The wolf had hid the basket of goodies in Grandma's mailbox. The reasons why may never be known.[1]

The wolf would sometimes sleep in Grandma's bed. Graham encountered the wolf inside Grandma's house laying in her brass bed, wearing, grandma's clothing. The wolf quickly got out of bed and tried to chase after Graham. He quickly escaped outside before the wolf could catch him.[2]

Meeting grandma along the way helped take his mind off the mean dwarf and the big, bad wolf.[3]

Although the wolf had tried to kill King Graham inside of Grandma's House, he later attended Graham's wedding to Queen Valanice at the Monastery of the Blessed Wilbury.

Personality and traitsEdit

He is ravenous and hungry. He has big TEETH, good enough to eat others with.

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Behind the scenesEdit

The concept of the Big Bad Wolf is recurring in many fairy tales. This one is taken from Little Red Riding Hood, but Bad Wolves appear in the story of the Three Piglets and others.

Most sources refer to this character as simply the Wolf, or 'The Wolf'. A title shared with the wolf in KQ1.

The Stories So Far from the KQ7 Authorized guide refers to the wolf as the 'big, bad wolf'.

The Big Bad Wolf appears in the new King's Quest series as simply a character from a fairy tale. It also appears on the sign marking the way to Amaya Blackstone's cell. See Little Red Riding Hood (KQGS).

The Wolf (unofficial)Edit

The wolf has appeared or been reinterpreted in the fan games, see Wolf (unofficial).


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