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The Wizard is mysterious wizard whom Connor met on his journey to save Daventry.


He was a very good wizard living near Daventry town. His home was built on the cliffs of Wizard's Island in the middle of the lake near the village.

Foreseeing the coming cataclysm he prepared a spell to save himself. His prepared spell protected him, but only half so, for he had only partially turned to stone by the released magic of the cataclysm. He was a very good wizard, and knew the vile tempest was approaching and swiftly conjured a countering spell, to shield himself from the effects of the oncoming cataclysm, but it wasn't enough. He was left with a lower half stone, and his upper half still in flesh.

Connor was led to him by the raven Dante who was the pet or familiar of the wizard.

He told Connor that it was his destiny to repair the Mask of Eternity and defeat the evil being that had taken over the Realm of the Sun, and taken up quarters in the mask's sanctum sanctum. He handed him a magic map so that he could keep track of his locations, and use it to travel between lands once he discovered the teleportation location for each land.

When he learned that Connor had ripped a page from his spell book, he explained that the page contained a spell of revelation.

After Connor discovered the large silver bell hidden in an illusory chest in the wizard's home, the wizard told Connor that it fit a structure on the wizard's island.

Later, the wizard helped Connor defeat the Shadow Bane of the Dimension of Death by casting the Magical Illumination Spell and forming the Magical Ring of Illumination. Connor thanked him for all his immeasurable help, and hoped they could meet again in better times.

He would also give advice on the Unicorn Horn pointing out that maybe a unicorn had lost its horn.

Titles and nicknames[]

  • The Wizard
  • Wizzard Wizard
  • Sir wizard
  • Good Wizard
  • Wizard of Daventry

Behind the scenes[]

This character is referred to as the 'Wizard' in the credits. The Sorcerer has also been known as the wizard but is likely not the same individual. An interaction article from just before the games release calls the 'Wizard' and describes him as the 'wizard of Daventry'.

There had been early discussions of Wizard possibly being Crispin from KQ5, but they decided not to make a point of it. Obviously, they changed ideas as Cedric was replaced with Dante.

From the design document, this character was originally going to be the 'Island King", inspired by the Fisher King from Arthurian legends, which explains his connection to the Lady of the Lake. Perhaps even some influence to stories of Merlin as well (who also petrified in some stories).

In debug mode this character is listed as "Wizard Wizard", as if Wizard is his name. Wizard can be a boy’s name, although it’s likely particularly rare.[1][2]