The Swarthy Hog Inn (aka Country Inn) is the in Serenia run by burglars.

It was called North Inn in KQ5 (NES). Before the burglars took over, it was known as the Country Inn. To some its also known as Ye Olde Inn.[1]


A low-life dive in Serenia; a hangout for thieves, cutthroats, and their less savory kin. Once upon a time, the Country Inn was renown throughout all Serenia for its food, hospitality, and entertainment. That was when the Fantabulous Baker Boys were appearing nightly. After the Bakers quit performing, and started baking custard pies for eating, and not throwing, business in the place fell off markedly. The owners sold it, and the new proprieter began catering to a less respectable crowd, not caring where nor how they obtained their coins--as long as they spent them freely on the dubious beer and questionable women. It was renamed "The Swarthy Hog" but most folks still refer to it by its original name. The Quality of the food has remained adequate, and the portions large. Leg of lamb is the speciality of the house, and it's quite fit to be consumed by man or beast. The only problem is that you must enter the place in order to purchase it.[2]

The Inn is one of the alehouses in Serenia.



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Behind the scenesEdit

Known as Swarthy Hog Inn in KQ5, its described as the 'country inn', and also called the Country Inn in KQ5 Hintbook. The KQC, also calls it the Country Inn.


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