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Map of The Swamp

The Swamp is a small land not far from Daventry to the north east, along its northern border.


It was the home of the evil Swamp Witch. With the oncoming of the cataclysm caused by shattering of the Mask of Eternity, many pools in the swamp became poisonous, swamp slimes and many monsters appeared. With all the road and exits from Connor's village in Daventry blocked off, he had to find an alternate way to the Swamp through the Dimension of Death. The Swamp is ruled by King Mudge.

This swamp was once a lush, life-rich marsh. Under the control of the swamp witch the region had been transformed into a murky mire inhabited by swamp fiends and carnivorous plants. But evil hadn't soaked through every living being here. As he travelled through the Swamp, Connor kept alert and inquisitive, and found certain forms of life that were ready to offer unexpected acts of kindness.[1]

The swamp is lovely, but probably not a good place ot invest in real estate. The pea-green patches of water are toxic; plus one would have pretty hostile neighbors. In fact, the idea of residential development drives swamp people to homicide.It is recommended one keeps their favorite weapon handy at all times.[2]

The name, 'The Swamp' also refers to the Isle of Wonder swamp, and The Swamp of Eldritch, or even The Swamp of Tamir.


Behind the scenesEdit

In the The Floating Castle it discusses another Marsh that exists down river to the south of Daventry. It is a different swamp, as The Swamp lies to the North.

The manual gives it hte description:

The Swamp is an area not far from Daventry. With all the road and exits from Connor's village blocked off, Connor must find his way here through the Dimension of Death.

Due to the use of 'Daventry' in the manual this could mean not far from the "Kingdom of Daventry" or not far from the Town of Daventry. The specifics are not entirely clear. However, the most imprecise use of Daventry is in the description for Daventry town in the manual.

Mark Seibert's websiteEdit

Mark Seibert gave the names for these locations on his website as[3];

   1 Portal to Dimension of Death
   2 Whirlpool to Gnome (After meeting Mudge)
   3 Teleporter
   4 Whisper Weeds
   5 Hearing horn
   6 Prophet Tree
   7 Witches Castle
   8 Dead guy with Crossbow
   9 Healing water
   10 Swamp Wisps
   11 Golden Mushroom
   12 Gate that opens with Henchman’s hand
   13 Golden Ladle in Chest

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