The Return of King Graham was a section of the article "New Frontiers For A New Decade Of Excellence: Games From the Sierra Family" in the Fall 1990 issue of InterAction Magazine, and later reprinted in Inside the Chest. The first part briefly mentioned that Roberta was actively involved in KQ5's development, the main focus was an introduction to the game's story. This also appears in the 1990 New Creations catalogue.

The Return of Good King GrahamEdit

A year has passed since Princess Rosella's journey to Tamir, and King Graham's health has been fully restored. The Royal Family of Daventry is whole once more, and all is well with the Kingdom.

Unknown to Graham, his beloved family will soon be in grave danger. Somewhere far away, a powerful presence watches the castle of Daventry with evil intent. Mordack, a wizard even more powerful than the late Manannan, has concocted a dreadful plan; to capture the castle of Daventry, and the royal family within. He waits for the right moment to strike --- when Graham will be helpless to stop him.

On that fateful day, King Graham will return home to find that his castle and his family have disapperared. Graham must don his adventurer's cap once again and find Mordack before harm can come to Rosella, Alexander and Valanice.

With Cedric the owl, he reluctant guide, Graham will journey through forests, across deserts, over mountains and oceans in search of the evil wizard who holds the Royal Family and the castle of Daventry captive.

Behind the scenesEdit

One comment of note is the reference to 'late Manannan' which would suggest the idea that he died. This is either a concept that was removed early in development, or it is the assumption made by others who think he died.

Also of note is that it contains one of the first references to KQ5 taking place one year after KQ4.

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