The Rat was a mother rat living in Serenia. Graham saved its life from a cat and it helped him escape imprisonment in the Swarthy Hog Inn in return.


While adventuring in Serenia, Graham spied a rat being chased by a large and mangy cat. Although the king's heart usually goes out to all beings in distress, it went out especially so that day to a rodent that most folk react to with revulsion. The old shoe that Graham hurled at the cat helped save the lives of the king's family. Without the nameless rat's gratitude and aid, Graham's quest would have either ended in a dank basement in Serenia or beneath an unclimbable cliff in the mountains. It is through small kindnesses that great monarchs are made.[1]

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The Rat is the characters title in the credits of KQV. She was voiced by Roberta Williams herself.

The Rat is probably not a member of the Ratkin race, she is only able to be understood due to magic. Whereas ratkins like Eduardo Roo Rat or Giant Rat are able to speak without magic. Of course at least the Giant Rat appears to also have magical abilities depending on the game. In the game, Graham was able to understand all animals due to Crispin feeding him a piece of magical white snake.

This Character is referred to as the Mouse in some Nintendo Power articles. It's also called the Mouse in the script files (script.006: "catAndMouse").


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