The Objurgation of Souls is the grimoire on the magical Art of Iconomancy in Mordack's study.


The book of magic that Graham found in the library of Mordack's castle. It detailed the magical Art of Iconomancy, a magic that can be cast without words. Using it, and the fact that Mordack's Wand of Magic had been nearly drained dry of power, King Graham was able to defeat the evil wizard who had kidnapped his family.[1]

Graham discovered the open book of magic, on a large table within the wizard's library. At the top of each page was inscribed the legend, THE OBJURGATION OF SOULS. The pages were so smooth that they have been made of the smoothest, thinnest ivory. Few words were inscribed there; mostly there were ornate drawings with the names of what could only be spells next to them. The remainder of the text was in undecipherable symbols. Those who look upon the text feel a ripple of energy vibrate through them as they gaze upon the pictures in the book. It is as if the energy enters and passes through the reader, and the drawings branded themselves into their brain.[2]


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