The Lands was a section out of the Mask of Eternity manual discussing the various lands seen in the game.

The LandsEdit

The Kingdom of DaventryEdit

Connor lives in an area just outside Daventry. The community is made up mostly of farmers. A grinding mill in the center of the community is for the processing of grain. Connor lives here where it’s less populated and nearer trade with hunters, as he is a tanner.

The Dimension of DeathEdit

The Dimension of Death is not physically connected to either Daventry or the Swamp, although there are magical portals which can be found in each for the purposes of travel. These portals have been silent and unseen for centuries, and are but legend in Daventry. Only recently have they opened--as if in preface to the cataclysm. The Dimension of Death is the holding place of souls awaiting judgment. Here Lord Azriel rules with the aid of his skeleton guards.

The SwampEdit

The Swamp is an area not far from Daventry. With all the road and exits from Connor's village blocked off, Connor must find his way here through the Dimension of Death. With the cataclysm came poisonous pools of water, swamp slime, and other dangerous creatures.

The Underground Realm of the GnomesEdit

The Realm of the Gnomes is north of the swamp and lies in tunnels under the mountains. The gnomes, mostly miners and traders, have now been sealed in their underground world. While traveling through this realm Connor will encounter several gnomes working on reestablishing an exit topside. It is said that millennia ago there was a large civilization that lived in the underground world, but no one has ever found proof of this.

The Barren RegionEdit

The Barren Region lies above the Gnome world on a plateau at the base of an ancient volcano. A hot and dry place with rivers of lava, the Barren Region is no place for Man. It is populated by friendly weirdling traders and metal-working hill people who have now come upon hard times as a result of the cataclysm. Years ago there was regular trade with the people from the Ice World who live at the top of the volcano.

The Frozen ReachesEdit

The Frozen Reaches lies at the top of the volcano. In the center of the cone is a lake of icy water. This land is inhabited by Snow Nymphs (a female race), Gryphs (an avian race), and ice orcs (a terrible race). Being one of the highest known locations in the world, it has become known as the place where the earth meets the sun.

The Realm of the SunEdit

This is the celestial world where the Temple of the Mask of Eternity resides. There is no physical connection between here and any of the other lands. This realm is Connor’s final destination--where he will meet his ultimate destiny.

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