The Hobblepots run a curiosity shop and booksellers in the Town of Daventry in the new King's Quest.

Chester Hobblepot and his wife Muriel Hobblepot.

Chester proposed to Muriel up on the caves of the Great Mountains.

The Hobblepot's alchemical spells are listed in their Spell Book.


  • Hobblepot son

He dreamed of becoming a knight, too. Sometimes when they hear a knock on the door they think it might be their son. They wish he would visit more, or that he would at least write. They believe he'll return. He just had some adventures of his own to seek. He was apparently quite handy around the shop, especially with potions. Based on this it doesn't appear they had any real 'falling out' with him. Chester always misses him around the time of the Tournament each year. Young Graham reminded them of their son.

Behind the scenesEdit

Voiced by Loretta Devine and Kevin Michael Richardson.

They seem to be inspired by Miracle Max and Valerie's dynamic from the Princess Bride.

They speak of a son who left to become a knight. Some fans think it possible that their son is Acorn/Sir Cumferance, others believe its Manny. By the end of the series this plot point was never brought up again.

If you follow the Wisdom path in Chapter 4 and visit Acorn in their former shop the end of the conversation has Graham wishing that the Hobblepots could have talked to him in person, and acorn says don't we all wish that, as if the the Hobblepots are dead. The game takes place 18 years later, an they were pretty old last time they were around. A line does appear in the prologue that they were at least alive at the time Alexander was kidnapped.

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