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Cassima's QuestEdit

In Cassima's Quest, 'the father' was the parent of Mordack, Manannan, and Hagatha. He and his wife were cursed by his brother, Shadrack (unofficial), the uncle of Manannan. The curse slowly turned him evil, and he formed the Black Cloak Society (unofficial). The curse spread to his children who also became evil. Over time he also spread the curse to others, as the society grew. Shadrack's plan was fulfilled and he took over the society.

AGDI universeEdit

Morgeilen is the leader of the Black Cloak Society (unofficial) known as The Father.

Following his brother's self-inflicted mortality (or was it betrayal), Morgeilen disappeared and took on the identity of The Father in order to hide his past. Soon after his brother was killed (although the exact means of the death are unknown). With Morgeilen gone, Granthithor became Legenimor's successor. The Father, is an enigmatic figure, and remains mysterious throughout the game, even his face (appears cloaked) until the end of the game when he shows himself completely and curses Daventry. He is the head of a secret organization and gives orders to Hagatha to kill Graham.

He coveted his brothers powers, and sought after the Crown of the First King which contained the essence of that power. It is implied that he was behind abduction of Valanice in order to lure Graham to Kolyma. In the mean time, he used his identity of Gervain, a minister of Daventry (an identity that he took even before Graham left for Kolyma). He used the identity to set his plans in motion to be coronated in the untimely event of King Graham's death, as he was the second in command. As soon as The Father reveals his true self to Graham he puts three curses on Daventry.

TSL universeEdit

The 'father' is a position within The Family (unofficial), a sub-organization within the Black Cloak Society (unofficial). Those under the father are known as 'brothers' and 'sisters'. Manannan (unofficial) would give anything for their father’s love. The world does not suspect that the Society has reformed, their father strikes when the world is least prepared.[1] There are apparently several fathers and mothers in the organization. The Family asks for complete commitment. It is their way: one must give and give to their brothers and sisters, to their mothers and fathers, proving they are part of the Family.”[2]

BLOM universeEdit

In this short story, the Father is the name for God (unofficial), the father of Jesus (unofficial), the Son. Along with the Holy Spirit they make up the trinity. ALso known as His Father in Heaven. All three are tied to the Christian and Catholic churches and monasteries seen throughout much of world of Daventry. Connor and Graham both pray to the Father for his blessings

Behind the scenesEdit

In the official KQ series, Lucreto is known as The Father.


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