The Daventry Zone is the name of the parallel universe in which the King's Quest series takes place in the original Space Quest game. 


It is a place beyond time, space and dimension. Roger Wilco is said to have visited Daventry at one point after pushing a Don't Push button (in Hoyle I).[1] At the time Ken and Berta Williams were visiting the castle, and the moat had been stocked to the brim with Alligators.

Behind the scenesEdit

Space Quest 6 refers to Daventry VIII.


  1. "You have this strange sinking feeling." "\"Ken? Did you hear something?\"" "Through a strange quirk of fate (or was it?) you have stumbled into a place beyond time, space and dimension. You have entered...The Daventry Zone!! That's right, the land of King's Quest. This will not help you now since you are playing Space Quest." "\"It was probably just the gators entertaining another Space Quest player. Go back to sleep, 'berta.\""
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