The possible location of Hermit's Island (SW of Mordack's Island)

The Coast is the eastern most beaches of the continent of Serenia near the Northern Sea. Although it may also be the coast of an island off the continent at times as well.


Graham is said to have returned to the hermit captain's island after rescuing Cedric the Owl on the Harpies' Island.[1] Perhaps this is the influence of the magic that changes the shape of the universe on a daily basis. The island may appear in the second set of maps sent by Derek Karlavaegen which show a couple of smaller islands southwest of Mordack's Island (although these could be representative of the Rocky Islets). At the time Mordack's Island lay south of the Harpy Island. Magical flux would switch the location of Mordack's and Harpie's Islands at times as well.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Coast is the title given to the region of the beach in KQ5 in The Official Book of King's Quest. In most sources this area is known simply as the Beach. A section of it is sometimes referred as the Boat Beach or the Waterfall Beach.

Of course its possible that it was suggesting that the entire continent of Daventry/Serenia is only an island (based on its limited size and scale). Kolyma has been described as an island similarly in sources as well.


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