Note: This is a powerful and most useful spell. It has been used to avoid danger and peril, and legend claims that it has been used on occasion in the exploration of unknown lands. Be warned, however: that which snatches away from one predicament can just as well deposit into another. The spell has been known to leave one where they started. There is one fable that talks about a poor bumpkin who came into possession of such a magic stone. Unprepared to face the dangers of the wilder parts of the world, he rubbed the stone at will, poofing from place to place in search of wine, women, and easy gold. The purveyors of luck were with him for the first few times or so, and the stupid body, whose name was Bob Jack, flitted from town to beach, across mountains and over the seas. Then the purveyors of luck seemed to say "All right Bob Jack, you've won a few; now it's time to lose a few!" When he rubbed again, instead of vista, panarama, or treasure, Bob Jack was faced with a hungry lion. Quickly he rubbed the stone again. Oop's he was in a magician's chamber and the mage looked not too delighted with the intrusion. Rub again quick, Bob Jack. This time, up a roaring stream without a paddle. Thus it went. Having used up his good luck, he used up his bad luck until he had no luck left at all, and he perished. The moral of the fable is: "Even when you rub things the right way, soon you'll rub them the wrong way, and if you do that too often, you'll eventually get rubbed out."

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