Taylor Fey is the son of Wente and Bramble Fey. He is inspired by the Tailor character in KQ5, who was a member of the Fey brothers.


Taylor was the son of Daventry's compassionate bakers, but he himself had no interest in the baking industry. He grew up with an interest in textiles even cutting up his mom's drapes, and sewing them into new clothing. He also had an affinity with Acorn and both had the love of arts and crafts, sewing and knitting and similar hobbies.

When he reached adulthood he left home moved to Serenia, where he set up his a tailoring business.

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According to a cut file from Chapter 2, the son of the Feys is going to be Taylor Fey. Which is a nod to Tailor Fey, itself a pun, and a reference to the King's Quest Companion's Fey brothers, and this Omnipedia's use of the page name Tailor Fey. Taylor is a unisex name, which may also be a reference at the effiminate indefinite nature of the character. In the reboot universe he does not have a brother. The 3rd chapter makes reference to this cut scene but loses some of the impact without the buildup and context of the previous removed scene. By chapter 4 he has moved out of Daventry and set up shop as a tailor in Serenia.

In this universe Tailor Fey is the only son of the the Feys, he has no brother. Both Wente and Bramble Fey have reddish hair similar to the the hair the Tailor character had in KQ5 on the NES.

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