The Tapestries of Time are tapestries made by Waddles later placed in the Bedroom Hallway between Graham and Gwendolyn's bedrooms.

The tapestries reflect the timeline Graham lived through throughout his life. They change depending on the timeline based on compassion, bravery, and wisdom alternate histories. They show the eye he collected during the knight tournament, the mentor he chose in the town, the wife he chose, and his chosen virtue at the end of his life (represented by a heart, sword, or book).

The tapestry were put in the hallway not long before or just after Graham's death, to honor the life he lived. The kingdom was passed onto Gwendolyn.

Behind the scenes Edit

Graham actually makes a reference to the tapestries of time during Chapter 5 when discussing one last adventure he would like to go on.

I haven't decided yet. But it's going to be grand, one for the tapestries of time. I was thinking Serenia,\

While it snot clear the tapestries portraying other adventures by Graham, Rosella, and Alexander in Gwendolyn's room also made by Waddles could be parts of the tapestries of time.

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