Behind the scenesEdit

The signifigance of Connor's profession of Tanner, may be a nod back to Simon the Tanner in the bible. In Jewish tradition tanners were looked down upon as being one of the lowest of the low. Because tanners dealt with dead things they were ceremonially contaminated. Much like how gentiles were looked down upon as lowly and contaminating, so was the tanner. Peter in the bible stayed with Simon on three occasions in the bible, to spread the gospel to the gentiles. This was highly symbolic that even the lowest of the low could find a high place in the Kingdom of Heaven. Likewise, Connor begins as a lowly peasant and tanner. But his is a story of virtue, where one of low birth, can obtain nobility through good deeds, and become a valued member of the kingdom. During his journey Connor goes from a poor peasant to a noble and holy knight (essentially of Paladin of ideals). Note: Connor is acknowledged as being knight early on by a fellow knight, James of Daventry.

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