I don't have access to the various versions of King's Quest Companion at the moment, so I won't add this information to the article yet. The Second Edition encyclopedia adds further to the connection between the old gnome in KQ5 and 'Rumplestiltskin' in the other games. As I recall, it is speculated that although Graham remembered the gnome, the gnome didn't show any recognition of Graham. Reasons for this are explained that its possible that old gnome is a relative of rumplestiltskin, or that rumplestiltskin some how travelled through time. When Graham met the old gnome in Serenia, it was the first time Rumplestiltskin had met Graham. Rumplestiltskin would then later travel back in time, to the era of King's Quest 1, meeting graham for the second time. Since he remembered that Graham had helped him recover his golden spindle from the Witch of the Dark Forest, he decided to help Graham on his quest. Although it is also speculated that no time travel was involved, and that Rumplestiltkin just chose not to show any recognition of Graham.Baggins 11:12, November 21, 2009 (UTC)

Original Gnome's name Edit

I couldn't tell if the site is seriously about not understand why he liked to be called Ifnkovhgroghprm, but if people really don't know, it was Sierra's way of being "backwards" and it confused man gamers.If I recall, in the original game (not the silly point and click remake that takes away all the challenge) Ifnkovhgroghprm was the only correct answer.

If you spell out the alphabet from A to Z, and then next to it, spell it from Z-A. So now, instead of an A you would have a Z, and instead of a B your would have a Y. 

When you do that, Rumplestiltskin becomes Ifnkovhgroghprm.

Ya, its a puzzle. There is also extended 'humorous' information included in the King's Quest Companions to explain the puzzle!Baggins (talk) 17:05, December 21, 2012 (UTC)
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