It's too early to know yet, if the new King's Quest is a full reboot of the KQ story, or if its a true continuation that fills in the gaps of Graham's life from several eras. Currently this article will include information concerning the new game, but if it turns out to be a total reboot, 'new series' Graham will get his own article befitting the new direction of the series, and to avoid mixing the information from both series.Baggins (talk) 11:15, December 2, 2014 (UTC)

With further information, at least one of the levels looks to be a retelling of the events of KQ1, from a more action-oriented perspective. So many different events and new 'puzzles'. But its too soon to know if this is an embellishment by Graham telling the story to his Granddaughter, or if it represents an entirely different parallel version of the story. If the latter, it may be further evidence to create a specific article for Graham in the new series.|
If its an embellishment its not as if we haven't seen embellishments in game retellings in the manuals, and other synopses, and novelizations in the old series as well, reflecting alternate detail, and encounters depending on the 'author'.Baggins (talk)
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