"There is some connection between Gwydion and Alexander, but will not reveal it here."

Are they brothers? Tell me they're brothers ;)

Something that begs the questionEdit

Ok, so we know that Alexander was kidnapped not long after he was born, and raised by Manannan and trained to be his slave... One has to ask the question:(a question we aren't meant to ask of course ;) ) uh, why does he kidnap babies? Wouldn't the job of taking care of a baby be more time consuming than actually doing the manual labor around his house his self ;)(I mean I'm pretty sure a baby can't do the manual labor for him until its several years old). Wouldn't make more sense to kidnap 6-7 year old. I suppose he could have his previous slave take care of the baby in addition to the chores, but we get no evidence of that in any of the backstory, which implies he kills his previous slave before taking a new baby.

But sure I know its just a fairy tale-like story and not something to think to deeply about, but man it just struck me as odd :-D.


An odd bit that needs citation before it should be added back in.

Where Rosella takes after her more adventurous and outspoken father, Alexander's quieter and more reserved personality reflects both Valanice's influence and the necessary skills to survive his brutal slavery under Manannan.[citation needed]
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